Thursday, 26 September 2013


At times, weeks can go by and we don't use the ring sling and then we have a day of extreme tiredness and there is no better solution then to pop him in here. 

Last week he came down with a cold, so some sleepless nights led to a little cranky baba that just wanted to be held. That does not go down too well with a house that needs tidying, and a toddler that needs lunch or to be played with. So the only solution for me is the Ring Sling, I can pop him in and we can go about our business. He's happy because he's snuggled in warm and close. He has a great vantage point for viewing what I'm doing and if he's in the mood for chat he babbles away to me. If he's tired and feeling not himself my shoulder is right there for his little head to rest on, usually a snooze is easily come by.

I mostly wear him on my hip, so he can choose to look about him or snuggle in for rest. But on days where I know he's happy and wide awake, I have worn him forward facing for short periods. I hold him this way if he really wants to look at something, but from the security of my arms.

(Ring sling by Storchenweige)

Comfort is..........

........ a plate of warm spongy pancakes, with syrup and soft fruit.

Sometimes nothing will do but to satisfy a sweet and carb craving with these bad boys, so that's what we did. Yum!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Last day of Summer.

The Sunday before I returned to work, we headed out to Ards Forest Park. We were there early, really beautiful day.  James loved cycling his bike on the board-walk towards the beach.

(Photos by S)

Birthday Fun

We had two birthdays here over the summer.  James turned three in July and Myles one in August.  Fun days! All footage of James's party is on camcorder, so not much to show here apart from that morning with his bike.

James would not stay still long enough for us to take a picture of him with his bike!

First taste of cake!
Think he likes it?

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Evening Chats

He has become so grown up over the the summer and we now have chats about everything and anything.

He told me the other evening, he wants to be a fixer when he gets bigger like Dad and John. When I asked him what does John fix, he replies "not sure, we'll have to find out actually".


So the summer is pretty much over here, time to settle into routine before the dark evenings are upon us.  Feeling numb at the idea of being away from the boys.  I know they will be fine, but I can't shift the nagging feeling that I should be at home with them.

(Photo of Tullan Strand)