Sunday, 1 September 2013

And so we begin

So here we are 2013 and we are a family of four.  It's seems to have come about in a flash, but in reality it took quite a while to get here. 

Since James was born I've been thinking of how I would like to document our days somehow. To have something to look back on, to help remember all the little things. To have something for him, to see how we were back when he was young.  

But I was daunted by putting words and images together, worried that I would not be able to fully reflect how we are and not do justice to how he has made every day so much better. 

So it was left. 

I thought, I'll get around to that someday. And here we are three years later and now with Myles also and although the task now seems even greater, I'm just jumping in.  There are just too many moments that I do not want to forget.

So my words may not always be perfect, they may ramble on at times, but I will do my best to capture who and what we are in our little family in this quiet corner of the world.

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